The TA chat transcripts seem to be up. In case you don’t feel like wallowing through them, I’ve assembled a bit of a list of highlights.

New Tool CD
*Both Adam and Maynard say Joe Baressi has been great to work with, better than David Bottril.
*There will be lots of Gamalon? samples on the CD
*The longest song recorded so far is 17 minutes long.
*Sccot Reeder saws the new CD will be raw like Undertow.
*Danny hopes they can release the new CD in Surround Sound.
*Isis haven’t contributed to the new CD.
*The colour of the new CD will be clear?
*Adam’s currently working on the artwork for the CD.
*Adam did work on the Far Cry soundtrack.
*It will be a single CD

*They will be touring in 2006, including NZ, no plans have been made yet which essentially rules out Tool playing the Big Day Out.
*Maybe with Isis, but really with whoever they like.
*Tool hope to tour Mexico.

*Danny’s drum DVD is still in the works.
*Danny wants to do more drum clinics.
*Danny hopes to do some shows with Adrian Belew and Les Claypool in the Fall (US)

*Isis are hoping they can tour with Tool.
*Isis have a DVD their working on, and they’ve written a few new songs.
*Kyuss is dead.
*Isis plan on coming back to Australia.