Blair posts on Toolband/Army that three members of Tool are about to embark on a promo tour:

As it now stands, in a few weeks (mid-February) the members of the band (except for Adam) and their manager will be traveling to parts of Europe, England, Japan and Australia on a bit of a promo tour, meaning that they will be meeting with record company people and doing various interviews with the press in order to promote their new record and upcoming tours. Although any press releases are usually timed to coincide with the release of the record, there will undoubtedly be leaks, so those of you who scour the internet should be on the lookout around this time. As the others field questions and deal with promo issues abroad, Adam will remain in Los Angeles to direct the new Tool video.

Exciting stuff.  I guess some big announcements are imminent.

Blair also confirmed that the next batch of Lateralus Signed Vinyl will be available on the 28th of January, and that he hopes to announce an approximate time soon.  As usual, good luck to all those Fourtheye readers in the market for a copy, and remember when you do get one, send me the pics!