In the recent CoSM Newsletter, it briefly talks about the 10,000 Days artwork. Nothing particularly new though:

Many fans have inquired regarding the album art TOOL has released on Amazon for pre-sale of the album. The cover is an adaptation of Alex Grey’s painting, Net of Being.

Blair on Toolband/Army posts today that Butcher played recently with some disturbing new artwork. He also mentions that Volto are playing in the near future, and that you should catch them now, as they may not be playing again for a while. They’re playing the Knitting Factory on March the 31st and then the La Ve Lee in April sometime. Danny will be too cought up in the machine called Tool to play more shows, so if you want to see them, see them now!

Speaking of Tool, they’re apparently getting ready for Coachella on April 30, and according to Blair “any other shows the might decide to do”…..