Kabir has posted on Toolshed that “A reliable source confirms that the title is ‘10,000 Days'”.  For those who don’t know, Kabir is a friend of Maynard, and is usually very reliable.  I know there’ll be plenty of doubters still, but as I’ve said before, I like it.

The songs names I’m not so convinced with.  I’ve heard it suggested that these are working titles, and possibly not the real thing.  Makes sense to me, but given the album name, I’d suggest there will be a song called “Ten Thousand Days”.

Finally, mattw on Toolnavy posted a response from the Sydney Superdome regarding Tool’s booking:

Dear Matthew,

Further to your email below, please be advised that we are currently not in a position to advise if Tool are performing at the Sydney SuperDome on 10th August 2006.

However, may I suggest becoming a Sydney SuperDome online Club Member. Simply go to www.superdome.com.au, click on Member and follow the prompts. The advantage of being of being a Club Member is that you receive automatic email notifications of upcoming events and are provided with the opportunity to order tickets through the Club before they go on sale to the General Public.

Furthermore, Club Membership is currently free of charge.


Sydney SuperDome Club Co-ordinator

That’s better than a No, and if you read into it, suggests that they’re not allowed to announce it……Think what you will