Darkmoogle has brought to my attention a new Tool article. I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like it’s from a magazine called Rock Sound, presumably a British mag since it mentions the Download Festival. There’s a scan of the article below, but in case you don’t feel like squinting:

  • It confirms that 10,000 Days is the name of the CD
  • Tracks include “Rosetta Stoned”, “Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)” and “Ten Thousand Days”
  • Justin talks about the new sound that Joe Baressi has helped them create, essentially “he (Baressi) helped us achieve something we haven’t been able to up to now in terms of our sound” .
  • Maynard talks about how he wanted to be completely finished with APC before moving onto Tool, and essentially apologises for the delay. He also talks about the lyrics on the new CD being political, but not in your face Green Day style.
  • The article mentions they will also play a London date around the time of the Download Festival.

That’s a lot of info squeezed into a relatively small article. Those track names seem a little strange to me – starting to sound more like a stoner rock album than Tool…..

Edit No you’re not going blind, the article isn’t really below.  Having some technical hitches with images at the moment, so I’ve added a comment with the contents of the article.  Enjoy!