Archival update: Sadly the website that contained these images is not closed. I don’t have a copy of them, but if anyone does, then let me know and I’ll host them on Fourtheye. hellboy – 14-Jul-2015

Mr. Beadle emailed me this morning with this long email outlining the Stereoscopic Ark hoax that he perpetrated in the leadup of the release of Tool‘s 10000 Days.

OK, seeing as the real thing is leaking now – and there is nothing I can do about that – I think its time I stepped up and owned up to this. Its been fun.

When the first tool scans leaked I saw an opportunity, it started as a game, a bit of fun because I didn’t for one second think anyone would buy what I was doing. But you did. Lots of you did, so I went further, I did more. Im flattered by all of you who debated my shit, whether you liked it or not. I’de like to apologize to all the people who may have been staring into computer screens believing the following images to be stereoscopic, they are not – but you know what they say; “lie to yourself enough and it becomes truth” – im flattered.

I’de also like to add that Tool are a fucking great band. I didn’t do this to rip them off. I did it out of curiosity, nothing more.

Right, now I know there will be the inevitable doubters out there, so I better set about proving myself, along with a bit of shameless self promotion.

The first image, the ark;

this is from a 3D model i did whilst at university, and haha yes it does look like a chevy, here is a freeze frame from the original animation i did,

infact you can see clips of this in motion here:


leak number two:

this is from two pictures that both come from the same ark animation, some stills

right the last one,

The original:

Thanks y’all its been fun. If anyone is interested;

have a gander, or ya can just peep this


If anyone wants to send hate –

Thanks everyone, fun was had.


Mr Beadle

So there you have it. Hope everyone had a good laugh. Presumably the rest of the stereoscopic pics we’re seeing are real, since it’s kinda hard to fake Maynard and Adam.