Just read the interview with Adam from the Guitar World magazine.  Thanks to dvn and boatloadoffunk on Toolnavy for the scans.  Here’s some of the highlights I picked up:

  • Adam uses a Talk Box during one track.  Not sure if I misread it, but I got the impression it was on the track 10,000 Days.
  • There’s more guitar solos on this recording.
  • Justin uses a Fretless Bass.
  • Maynards vocals are heavily processed and distorted.  Much more part of the music than up front.
  • The album is self produced, with Barresi engineering and mixing, though Joe’s role is about the same as previous producers.
  • All of the members of Tool agree on Sacred Geometry.
  • Adam and Joe had plenty of Pedal modifications done.
  • Adam uses the Gig-FX Chopper pedal, and uses it with a volume/wah pedal to control the effect.
  • All songs except for one were written before entering the studio.
  • A “Pipe-bomb Mic” was used during record.  It’s basically a brass tube with a guitar pickup inside used as a microphone.
  • He was impressed with Bogner, Rivera and Joe’s Peavey amp, though will probably continue to use his Diezel/Marshall setup.
  • “Please don’t say that I play an E-Bow” – Adam doesn’t use one apparently, despite what the E-Bow website says.
  • Adams sustain comes from Attitude and Effect pedals.
  • One of Maynards lyrics is “Who are you to wave your finger?”.  To which Adam replied “That’s the pot calling the kettle black”.  From the song The Pot?

It’s a good interview, and there’s some much I haven’t mentioned here, so do the right thing a buy the magazine when it comes out (this Wednesday I believe).