Smoothcriminal from Toolarmy visited the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors this weekend, and had the opportunity to watch a presentation from Alex Grey. In regards to the new Tool CD Alex said:

He is very happy to be working with Tool again, He said the new album is “fucking incredible”, and regarding the CD packaging; “the unit itself is like nothing anyone has ever done before”….

Copro also from Toolarmy posted this review of 10,000 Days he found in UK’s Rock Sound Magazine:

10,000 Days
The expectations built up from the five year absence would be too much for most bands to bear, but as 10,000 Days reminds us, TOOL are not like most bands. From the outset, it is clear that the LA prog-metal pioneers have found another notch on their guitar amps, but the increase in volume and power has not been made at the expense of their usual complexity. Although never a cheery soul at the best of times, Maynard James Keenans lyrical tack has not been this bleak since their earliest days, but bad times and horrible thoughts have again led TOOL to some great music. Another triumph conjured with adversity rather than against it.
Hardeep Phull

No idea how legitimate this interview is, but it reveals nothing we don’t already know. In fact, I bet any of you out there could write a better review without even hearing the CD. Feel free to do so below….