Chris emailed me this link this morning, which tells us about the existing 10,000 Days Midnight Sales in Australia, but also mentions a new one in Melbourne. So all you Victorians can now hear 10,000 Days at 12:01. Oh, it’s at HMV in Bourke Street by the way.

SlickNickShady on Toolnavy seems to have purchased some of the new Tool T-Shirts. Here’s a couple of links to the pictures:

Toolarmy was quite busy this morning, with Blair posting several news items, including some words from Maynard talking about ticket sales, and how you shouldn’t buy from scalpers. Easier said than done for most fans I’d presume. He also says “We’re doing a full on tour at the end of the summer which goes almost everywhere. And in the new year, we’ll go almost everywhere else.”. Does this mean we may not see them in Australia until 2007? Hope not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It would also seem that some Toolarmy member are being given the opportunity to purchase tickets for the warm-up shows after all. From what I’ reading, it appears that members are being selected by the council for these tickets, so if you’ve been a bad boy/girl, that low Karma score could be coming to bite you in the arse.