Madkilkor on Toolnavy brings us some highlights of a Tool interview in French magazine Rock Hard.

  • They didn’t gave titles during the listening session, because the weren’t sure about them at the time. Yet Adam mentions “lost keys” and “rosetta”.
  • “Lost keys” is “the introduction to “rosetta””.
  • Maynard was there at the beginning of the writing process, than left before coming back. Adam says that it’s better than for Lateralus (Maynard only came when all the songs were already written), but he hopes Maynard will be here all the time for the next album.
  • How Adam would define Tool : “there are a lot of maths, it’s heavy and you’re not gonna like it.”
  • There is no DVD in the works. There were plans, but they prefered to make a new album. The new album and the tour are the priorities.
  • They love France.
  • The set for the tour will be sober, at least for the first shows.
  • The album is their most personnal, it’s “coming from the guts”. Some usual rant about how Bush is stupid and how the album is about frustration. But Danny adds that the approach to politics in Tool is different from the one of APC, they don’t want to adopt a close political discourse which would be fast outdated.
  • The reviewer says that Danny is more busy than ever on the drums. Danny answers that he’s not looking to play a lot of notes but wants to densify the sonic space and to dynamise the music, but that nevertheless the king in the movie Amadeus would say about his playing : “Too many notes!”.
  • APC is over.
  • They would like to get rid of labels and to do everything by themselves, and they think artists will be able to do so soon.
  • They don’t take themselves seriously at all.

Some of the translation there is a bit rough I think, but you get the idea. Bye Bye APC!