Just a couple of little bits and pieces from the web the last couple of days:

  • Some Signed Lateralus Vinyl is up on eBay at the moment.  Price is up to US$355 right at the moment….
  • Here’s a little interview with Maynard and Justin from the NZ Herald.  Speaks of rumours of a tour in November, but apart from that isn’t much different from the last 50 or so articles.  Thanks to xpandnz from Toolnavy for that.
  • I’m going to update the Signed Lateralus Gallery later today…….
  • Blair says that Kevin Willis and Camilla will be taking pics of Coachella, and other small shows and that they will be posted on Toolband/Army
  • 10,000 Days was available in Rockhampton Saturday morning, much to my surprise….
  • There are some reports of shortages around the place, but it seems more like some stores are running out, while others have plenty.  Luckily mine is in the mail!
  • Spiralysys tells me that he has a copy of the recent video interview with Danny and Maynard on MTV hosted on his site.