Stinkfist on Toolarmy posted a link to this Tool 10,000 Days promo website, courtesy of Sony.  Only 4 days to go until Vicarious:

underbody, also of Toolarmy posts that Tool may be playing Orphen Theatre in Boston on the 22nd of May.  Hopefully on the 17th of April Blair will give us the full list.

Also, Kabir, the man behind TDN says that something is going down later today, apparently at around 11:30pm Pacific time, why by my watch is around 5-6 hours away.  No idea what, but logic would suggest it’s something to do with Vicarious.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I’m heading out camping for a few days this Easter, and so since it woul appear shit will be hitting the fan this weekend, I’m promoting one of our readers, Toolnavy’s Foamy in charge.  Hopefully he’ll give us all the good stuff over the weekend.