There’s plenty of bits and pieces floating around regarding the recent Coachella show.  A couple of guys at Toolnavy has posted some pictures of the show (though the one’s I’ve seen aren’t of great quality) and Distortion Online seems to have a few mp3s.

Just a reminder that Tool are appearing on Rage this weekend as guest programmers.  The Rage website has a little preview video of Danny and Maynard hamming it up for you to enjoy.  For those people who aren’t Australian, Rage allows guest to come in and pick a selection of videos, ususally around 30 or so.  Rage isn’t televised over the net, but I know that several members are planning on recording the show.

Finally, just in case you are interested, 10,000 Days was mentioned and show briefly on Sunrise this morning by Molly Meldrum.  Nothing exciting was said, more that both them and Pearl Jam have been released this weekend, and that it’ll be interesting to see who claims the #1 spot on the charts.  My money is still on Tool…..