There’s rumours going around on Toolarmy, and also from this link sent to me by Mattias (unfortunately in Italian – translations would be appreciated) which suggest that Mastodon will be the support act for Tool on their European tour.  Personally I love Mastodon, so it sounds like a damn good idea to me, but there’s no real confirmation of this yet.

A couple of posts from Blair today, the first of which is a link to a an ABC news video about Tool, which turns out to be a somewhat uninteresting speech about Tool by some nerdy looking dude.  I have the volume on mute so I didn’t catch his name, so I’m not sure he’s anyone any particular importance.

Lustmord fans should check out his new release LUSTMORD: RISING (LIVE 06.06.06), which co-incidentally is a live recording done on the 6th of June, 2006.  If you dig that kind of stuff then check it out.  You can find more info on his website