A few snippets today. According to several people there are unstantiated rumours going around in street magazines such as Beat saying there will be more ticket sales and/or shows coming up. Nothing to support this yet, but fingers crossed we should see some more action soon.

For all those who are hanging out to hear 10,000 Days played on Tool‘s tour, Justin gives us an update in the Mercury News:

“We’ve been rehearsing it, and it’s going to figure quite largely in the show,” Chancellor says. “There’s a side of it that’s very emotional in playing it, so it’ll be one of the hardest songs I think we’ve ever done. It goes pretty deep for all of us.”

Thanks to isdfx on Toolarmy for the link.

According to bastardometer on Toolarmy, Meshuggah are preparing to re-release their Nothing CD. The new edition of the album will include re-recorded guitars, as well as a special holographic case. Not my favorite Meshuggah CD, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting anyway.