Blair tells us today, that if we expect to get Tool merchandise before Xmas, we had better get out orders in before the 13th of December if you’re in the US, or by the 7th of December if you’re else where. This excludes TA membership packages which I understand are shipped by Yak from an 18th century manufacturing plant in the Himalayas. Also, Blair didn’t define if he was talking about Xmas ’06 or ’07. I guess we’ll all know in about a months time.

TA Yak's in transit
TA Yaks in transit 

Also, Toolarmy members can see a picture taken by Camella from the recent Tool European tour. Hopefully we’ll see some more, since that photo was nice, but no better than many I’ve seen here. We want pictures take from places where normal people can’t go, not ones from the cheap seats.