Bastardometer from Toolarmy posted some more Meshuggah news for us all, including some Drum Workshop dates with their drummer Tomas Haake.

An audio recording of MESHUGGAH bassist Dick Lövgren and drummer Tomas Haake‘s clinic on Wednesday (Nov. 15) in Örebro, Sweden has been posted online: Part#1, Part#2. A MESHUGGAH fan by the name of Anders who attended the clinic put together the following report: “It was like this: First they played a medley of different MESHUGGAH parts like 12-15 minutes. Then there was a lot of talk about all sorts of stuff. Their approach to music in general, some examples of ‘odd cycles,’ a lot of questions for the audience. And then they played a second medley about the same length. Did not hear any new material since they are in writing mode right now. Tomas talked a little bit about the new material and to say something about that is that they will use a lot of odd cycles (of course), but they will be much longer before they repeat, if they ever repeat. Something like that. And also that they for this album are gonna rehearse a lot as a band before entering the studio, which they haven’t been able to do due to time/financial concerns. Tomas has always recorded the drums by himself with out any rough guitar (‘cuz the others haven’t learned the songs). His mind is so focused on the structure of the song that he haven’t been able to play free or feeling as confident with the material as he would like.”

Upcoming Dick Lövgren / Tomas Haake Swedish clinics:

Nov. 22 – Göteborg Sticky Fingers
Nov. 24 – Borlänge
Nov. 25 – Gävle 15.00, Musikhuset/Sjömanskyrkan, St Esplanadgatan 1
Nov. 27 – Falköping Lilla Teatern, Dotorpsgatan 13
Nov. 28 – Motala
Nov. 30 – Stockholm 20.00, Street, Hornstulls Strand 9

MESHUGGAH has issued the following update on the group’s current activities:

“Right now we are writing material for the new album. After the ‘Nothing’ re-release, we more or less finished working on our studio, so know we’re putting together a kind of demo to see where we are at material-wise and basically give the studio, the songs, and us a test run, heh, heh. We are swimming in dark waters that constitute putting an album together and whatever we find beneath the surface is definitely gonna be… interesting. Suffice to say that we’re in a weird but inspirational period right now. It’s all gonna be about the writing during November. The demo recording is hopefully happening in December in-between the pinball tournaments here in the studio. Then we’ll see where we’re at, I guess. In hell, probably. We’ve got no working title or concrete cover ideas yet, but it’s getting there. It’s the slow process of coming to terms with the material we’ve got and hopefully understand what to make of it. The plan is to have the album out late spring or — if things get fucked up — early fall. Naturally, the touring will be planned around the album release, so we’ll see when we get closer to completing the album.”