Just as you’ve mortgaged your house to pay for the Platinum Lateralus, Maynard tells us that the Share The Love section on the Puscifer Website will contain some charity items being sold on Ebay.

This will be the charity section of our shopping cart. Myself, relatives, and friends will be donating items to be auctioned on EBAY. The net proceeds of which will go to a charity of our choice. The item description will contain a brief summary of the item, the person who donated it, and 2 links. 1 to ebay where the item is up for auction, and 1 to the charity designated by the item’s donor. That way anyone who wishes to skip the auction can go straight to the non-profit site and donate. Make sense? The first item up will be a framed photo that Photographer, Tim Cadiente took of me ages ago. Then perhaps some autographed prints by Ramiro Rodriguez, some wardrobe items from the JUDITH video, my dad’s platinum records that he has no place to hang, etc… Drivers, start your engines.

If you happen to win one, make sure you send me a pic!

It turns out you can also purchase a target that has been shot at, autographed and laminated by Maynard.  Viva la capitalism! So is Puscifer really a band, or just a cash cow?