Blair posted on Toolarmy last night that for the next two weeks, orders received via Toolarmy (no word if it also includes sales via Toolband) will be randomly selected to get an autographed photo of the band. Hopefully this applies to people waiting for their orders to be sent (ie- people who have already ordered the Platinum Lateralus Plaque). What you order is irrelevant, so feel free to order the smallest item from the site to be eligible. It was also mentioned that there may be some special items coming up in the weeks before Xmas, mainly older collectibles and other discontinued merchandise.

Also mentioned today is that Chet Zar will be signing copies of the book Spectrum 13 in Burbank of Sunday the 3rd of December. One of his paintings is featured within the book. The signing will be at Dark Delicacies found at 4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank. More details can be found at their website.

I stumbled across this Maynard interview today, thanks to a tip from the guys at the Tool Hotline. Quite an interesting article, focusing on Maynard’s political views, and also talks about his relationship with the fans.

AVC: Given how many records Tool sells, do you feel your message just gets diluted anyway?

MJK: Oh, it’s going to get diluted. I tested the water with the political album A Perfect Circle did. [Until 2005, Keenen was pulling double-duty in A Perfect Circle; the political album was 2004’s covers EP eMOTIVe. —ed.] I didn’t even write those songs; I was just letting people hear what was said before me, the things that inspired me as a child, and things that were said during various turbulent times. And I was fucking crucified. If you go back and listen to that album and just forget that it’s covers, it’s a good album, but I was crucified because of its content, because there’s an army of little fucking brats out there just going into every little chat room, talking shit and undermining anybody who has anything to say. It’s like this insane, 1984/Big Brother infrastructure.

Hmmm, I have no problem with the political points eMotive was trying to make, I just though it was a pretty uninspired and boring album….

One final note, those of you who are Xbox 360 player should hookup with more for some Gears of War action. Here’s my gamertag: