This weeks results are in, and it seems overwhelmingly that you guys want the Live DVD that has been mentioned many times on Toolband. Following that most of you want either Aenima 2 (whatever that may mean), Signed Lateralus Vinyl or the Vicarious DVD. I voted with the rest of you in this want, hoping to get a Live DVD. Maybe one day.

  • Tool Live DVD 209 Votes
  • Aenima 2 32 Votes
  • Signed Lateralus Vinyl 26 Votes
  • Vicarious DVD 26 Votes
  • a bottle of Nagual De La Naga 20 Votes
  • a Danny Carey Instructional DVD 16 Votes
  • a Maynard Target 6 Votes
  • Platinum Lateralus Plaque 5 Votes
  • Toolarmy Membership 3 Votes
  • a copy of IJYNX 3 Votes

This weeks poll ask what version of Maynard do you prefer? I’m talking from a looks/style point of view, not a reflection of his lyrical content at the time. Here’s a few pictures to help you out:

  • Undertow – Redneck Serial Killer
  • Aenima – Blue Dude
  • Aenima – Hooker With A Penis
  • Lateralus – Leather Suit
  • 10000 Days – Mohawked Cowboy
  • A Perfect Circle – Womanly Man