Last week I asked you tell me your thoughts on 10,000 Days now that it has been out for over 12 months.  Personally I find that my perception of records changes over time, and that once past the initial excitment/dissappointment of hearing a new album you can get a feel for what you really think of the album.  Personally for me I still think it’s a great album, and while I don’t think it tops Lateralus, I think it comes pretty close.

According to the poll though, most of you say it’s better than Undertow, yet worse than Lateralus and Aenima.  This didn’t really surprise me at all.  What did surprise me a little is that the second most popular option put 10,000 Days as their best album.  The vote for their worst album also polled pretty strongly, which didn’t really surprise me either.  I do get the impression though that these 10,000 Days haters are a much more vocal group than the general population.

  1. Better than Undertow, worse than Aenima & Lateralus 279 Votes
  2. Best Tool Album 112 Votes
  3. Better than Aenima & Undertow, worse than Lateralus 107 Votes
  4. Worst Tool Album 93 Votes
  5. Better than Lateralus & Undertow, worse than Aenima 49 Votes
  6. Better than Lateralus, worse than Aenima & Undertow 24 Votes
  7. Worse than eMotive 13 Votes
  8. I haven’t bothered to listen to it 7 Votes
  9. Better than Lateralus & Aenima, worse than Undertow 5 Votes
  10. Better than Aenima, worse than Undertow & Lateralus 5 Votes

New poll coming soon!