Looks like the rumours were true…

Blair just posted:

My friends, we can no longer hide the terrible truth. The holidays are rapidly approaching, and with them the NEW TOOL DVD/VIDEO for VICARIOUS is scheduled to be released on DECEMBER 18th (or 19th) and will include an EXTENDED CUT, lots of BONUS MATERIAL and, of course, SPECIAL PACKAGING. Here’s a sneak preview of a working still.

The working still shows as that the video is CGI as promised, at least partially.   Who wants to have a guess as to what the bonus material will be.  More Lustmord remixes?  Commentries? Live videos?

And what’s this about an extended cut.  A longer version of the video than the one to be release to MTV?  Or an even longer version of Vicarious?

I’m sure more details will come in the next month.