It looks like Adam has updated some stuff on his Myspace site.  Nothing too exciting, just a couple of pics of his work.  He also apparently had this to say:

Hello Friends
____________________________________ _ _ _
I get lots of messages asking me to please update my page content.
I have been super busy lately – touring, dealing with fires(*future Blog), fighting the good fight and fearing nothing.
But right now – I am finishing our epic Vicarious video here in Santa Monica ca.
(FYI) It should be in the stores on DVD december 18th.
i put a few photos up for now of some older fx artwork in my ‘ART’ folder under Pics.
And i will try to add more sooner than soon.
____________________________________ _ _ _
thanx for all the support
Big love

Thanks to j0hnygu3st on Toolarmy for the tip.