Another interview with Maynard has popped up, this time on the Spinner website.  Once again Maynard opens up on a range of topics, resulting in another very worthwhile interview.  Here’s a snippet:

Has having done Caduceus helped you develop your business sense?

Tool and A Perfect Circle — both bands are very much aware, on many levels, what goes on with our business. We were much older than most people are when we got involved in it and we knew that with the difficult to navigate material that we were presenting we would have to survive on our own for quite a while before someone actually caught on. With that in mind, we had to really buckle down and gut it out to get to where we are now. And in ’96, ’97, when we already had two platinum records, I was still living on 500 bucks a month. People go, “No, no, you were a millionaire back then when I saw you on Lollapalooza ’97.” “No, dude. Credit card with a limit.”