According to Meats Meier’s Myspace site, work is progressing will on the Dozo video for Puscifer:

I’m working night and day on the Puscifer Dozo music video. Almost all of the 80 shots have a combination of motion capture, 3d tracking, and live video that have to all work together perfectly. Probably the most the challenging project of my life so far. I bit off a lot on this one for sure. Luckily, my friend Patrick is being a huge help to me with editing and motion tracking and I had a guy that I had never met (thanks Benjamin) fly out from Indiana to lend a hand over the weekend.
I’m super proud of the results so far. I just need a bunch of luck to make sure that I don’t have any big problems spring up so that it can be done on time.
I’m just stoked that MJK trusts in my skills enough to let me make these things…instead of going to a big studio.

Here’s a preview.

He also mentions that:

I’m also working on parts of the TOOL website redesign, another large challenge….

Hopefully we’ll see some results here, unlike the Joshua Davis work.
Thanks to Kittaan from Toolarmy for the tip.