Dan emailed me today that he read in a recent copy of the New Zealand music Magazine Rip It Up:

I was reading in the latest Rip It Up (NZ music mag) that reporter David Farrier happened to be on the same flight as Tool when he went to one of their shows in the States towards the end of the touring. He asked them the obvious question: “When will you come back to NZ?” The answer (from Adam) was “Spring, but don’t quote me on that.” So he quoted him and put it in a magazine. I imagine if they will play NZ again then they will play Oz too.

I guess the reporter didn’t pay too much attention to the “don’t quote me on that” part!

Obviously this is far from any kind of confirmation, but certainly gives some hope to seeing them again.  I presume Spring means our Autumn, so I guess we can expect to see dates for sometime in April or May, if at all.  As a general rule of thumb, concert dates for big bands have at least to months notice, so I’d rule out any chance of them being here in March or early April.  I’d say if anything, a May tour is most likely.

Anyone else catch this article, or hear anything else?