As some of you know, my wife has been pregnant for some time, about 9 months in fact!  After this period of gestation, she’s about ready to pop, and the due date just happens to be this coming Friday.  As a result, Fourtheye posts may be a little sporadic in the next couple of weeks, depending on how things go.  Since things are quiet, I doubt you’ll miss me, but I’m sure our comrades over at the Tool Hotline will be on the money should any big news arrive.

Speaking of news, a little birdy tells me that a prominent venue in one of the cities Tool had to postpone has been advised to prepare for a date in August.  This comes from a somewhat unknown source, so how valid this rumour is remains to be seen.  I’d consider it unlikely Tool will be playing any shows then, and personally I’d hope they’re busying themselves preparing for the next album.