I’ve combined the Demographics section with the Tastes one, since demographics by itself is a small (and possibly boring) topic. I’ve also pulled out the favorite bands section, since that’s going to take a while to compile properly. Stay tuned for those later this week.

Here are the results!

How old are you?

This question is an interesting one, since I’d generally consider there to be a lot of Tool fans my age or there abouts (32) however only 8% of you fit in that bracket. The largest age bracket is 21-25 year olds, which to me suggests a lot of Tool fans hoped on board around the time Lateralus came out. Also interesting to see there a lots more Tool fans under the age of 21 than there are over 30s. Maybe most of my middle aged comrades have grown out of it?

Turns out I also can’t add properly, since there was a 31-40 and a 36-45 category. Ah well…

  1. 21-25 31.84%
  2. 26-30 30.04%
  3. 18-21 18.83%
  4. Under 18 8.97%
  5. 31-40 8.52%
  6. 36-45 0.90%
  7. 46+ 0.90%

What sex are you?

The poll didn’t bring any surprises. Only 5% of readers are female. Viva La Testosterone!

Having said that, I’m sure I’ve noticed that the percentage of females at live Tool shows is far more than 5%.

Where do you live?

Again no surprises here, US fans make up about 50% of the reader base, while Aussie fans are about 23%. Surprisingly the next highest group was Other European. I guess we have a strong following in places like Poland and Hungary.

What do you do?

About 50% of us slave away with a full-time job, with the remainder being either full-time study or part-time work/study. No one claimed to be a full time parent, while 5% of you decided you were in the category “other”, whatever that may mean. Retiree’s perhaps?

Do you have any children?

I was quite interested in this answer since I have one on the way, and 61% of you said no, while 31% said one day. I’m guessing that some of those no respondants probably fall in the not sure category, or possible just fall into the “I’ve never thought about it” category.

One crazy brave person is in the (presumably) Father of the Year category by claiming to have Four or more kids. Maybe they’re just the ones he knows about 😉

Do you smoke?

There were probably a few more smokers here than I expected, with 30% of you claiming to do so. I wonder how many are happy smokers, and how many are those struggling to throw the addiction.

What drugs do you indulge in?

Tobacco: About 30% of you said they never smoked before with another 30% saying they have in the past. 15% said they were occasional smokers, while 18% claim to be regulars. Funnily enough, there were more occasional/regular/right now smokers than answered Yes to the previous question. Either some of you can’t make up your mind, or some have differing views on where or no the occasional ciggie makes you a smoker.

Alcohol: Unsurprisingly only about 7% of you never drink, with about 45% of you claiming to be regulars. Not sure though whether the Nevers were underage, or just not interested.

Marijuana: About 38% of you claimed to be either occasional/regular/right now dope smokers, while another 35% of you claimed to have tried in the past. The real question is, did you go further than Bill Clinton?

Ecstasy: 65% of readers say they’ve never tried Ecstasy, while only 11% claim to take it occasionally or more.

LSD: Less people have tried LSD compare to Ecstasy (69% say never), however from those that have, more claim to use it regularly. I guess LSD is the gift that keeps on giving. Turns out one reader was tripping while filling out this survey. I’d love to know what the experience was like…

Speed & Cocaine: Speed and Cocaine had pretty similar responses, with both having about 73% saying they’d never taken it. About the same amount said they’d tried (20%) while there were more regular cocaine users.

Heroin: Heroin unsurprisingly was the least used drug of all, with almost 95% of you having never tried it. Of all the respondants, none claimed to be regular users.

Mushrooms: ‘shrooms users were relatively uncommon, with only about 30% having said they’d used them before. Of those that did there was a high rate of regulars.

What religion do you subscribe to?

I was a little surprised to see that only about 28% of you claimed to be Atheist, with the next most common “religion” be Agnosticism. From the rest, Christian, Catholic and “Other” believes took up most of the rest of the results, with 3 of you claiming to be Satanists. All hail the Dark Lord!!Atheist

  1. Atheist
  2. Agnostic
  3. Other
  4. Christian
  5. Catholic
  6. Buddhism
  7. Satanism
  8. Jewish, Hindu & Islamic (<1%)

What is your sexual preference?

About 96% of respondants were heterosexual, while most of the remainder claimed that the door swung both ways.

Do you have any tattoos?

22% of you claimed to have a tattoo. How many of those are Tool tattoos? And how many of those were done in a drunken stupor?

Are you pierced somewhere other than your ears?

Piercings weren’t as common as I expected with only 7% having some kind on non-ear piercing. Feel free to send in pics of your best non-genital piercings.