Lined up for 20 minutes to get in via metal detector.  Opening band Alchemist were ok.  HQ is a pretty good venue for live bands, everytime I’ve been there the sound has been excellent and the layout of the venue makes you feel quite close to the band.

I though the size of the crowd last night was a little small.  Those that were there seemed pretty into the show though.

Seems as though Meshuggah use all rack gear straight into the PA live.  No amps to be seen.  Who says you need big valve amps to sound good.

Drumming sounded pretty good.  The position I had on the barricade at the front was great, but I couldn’t see much of the drumming cause the guitarist was directly in front.  Not that i’m complaining.

Setlist was good, they played all the songs I hoped to hear (except maybe I).  The set was perhaps a little short though.  1 hour and 15 minutes is possibly not quite long enough for a headline act.

Came extremely close to catching a drum stick.  Better luck next time I guess.

Overall, a great show!  Check them out this tour if you haven’t already!

Hope they tour again soon!