James emailed Isis today about the video that may or may not feature Maynard, and their response was:

‘ Hey thanks a lot and thanks for watching. Nope, no song of ours in the background. I think you may be hearing a performance that was happening in the background at the festival where Mike rode the bull. ‘

Take care,

You failed again Ganjalf.

Frostradamus pointed out to me that a version of Lighten Up Francis from the D is for Dubby album is now streaming on Puscifer.com.  While there I noticed that there was this message in regards to the Las Vegas Puscifer shows:

Thank you all for the support on these Vegas shows. For those of you who missed out on tickets, we’re trying to shift a few things around and hopefully open up a few more seats in the balcony. And I believe we’ve reserved some “Special Package” tickets as well. You know. Weekend extravaganza. 3 nights in an actual Room, a bakers dozen of fresh somethings, a monogrammed roll of Palms Toilet paper, you’re picture with a rare camel, etc. Something or nothing at all like that.We’ll keep you updated. Again… Thank you all for the support.