Bellami from Toolarmy posted a brief review of the Puscifer show in Las Vegas last night:

Milla was HOT!!!

The show was composed of video taped comedy skits between Puscifer songs. Like an informal talk show, there was a couch and chairs in the center of the stage where the performers would chill when they weren’t performing. And of course, Maynard pouring his wine for everyone while the taped skits were on.

Mlla was HOT!!!

Opened up with a few taped skits ending with a live skit involving Maynard and a few comedians…then performed:

Sour Grapes
Rev 22:20 – solo by Juliette

… some more taped skits….

The Undertaker
Vagina Mine
Momma Sed

…a few more skits….

Polar Bear — new song – with Tim Alexander joining midway to play alongside Gil Sharone.
Trekka — with Maynard playing mandolin – only time he played an instrument
Indigo Children
The Mission — with Milla!!!
Queen Bee

Milla is Smokin’ HOT!!!

Maynard, Tim Alexander, Gil and Rani Sharone and Juliette performed the Puscifer tunes with Milla in for Mission. Gil Sharone was the main drummer with Tim Alexander joining up during certain parts of most of the songs.

DC and JC were in attendance. There were a lot of empty seats.

Milla is HOT!!!

A shame about all the empty seats.  I guess that’s one of the main problems when people try and scalp tickets for shows that aren’t as popular as expected.  Having said that, suck shit all those scalpers who lost money!

A couple of live clips (audio only) have also been posted on Youtube.  They’re not great quality, so be warned!