Posted on Toolband/Army today is a quick article talking about a new Sci-Fi movie from Matthew Santoro called Offline. The movie, as well as looking pretty cool apparently takes some influence from Adam Jones:

My goal was to make a dark and gritty sci-fi/horror based cybernetic dream experience type thing with a couple of good friends, a camera, some duct tape, and a computer. Pure Gorilla as they call it. Adam Jones was a huge influence during this creative process. I look at him like a master Jedi and director/creator of all things awesome, his work pretty much speaks for itself. I remember as a kid watching the TOOL videos that Adam directed and being completely enthralled almost mesmerized like a moth to a flame. I’ve never seen anything like this before but I know one thing… I like it. His work opened my mind to another plane that I didn’t even know existed. Later in life we became friends and when I told him I wanted to direct my own film he gave me an important piece of advise that I’ve kept with me everyday of production. He basically said to look at every shot like a piece of art. If your going to put your name on something make sure its something YOU are happy with (emphasis on YOU) because if you truly consider it to be a piece of art then in a way it is a reflection of yourself.

The movies looks great and a trailer can be seen here.

Possibly the most important part for Tool fans is the following snippet:

Look for more of Matt’s stunning art in a future Tool project (i.e. “the big thing”)

To me this suggests to me that the “big thing” will be some form of DVD.