dustinspoly from Toolarmy also headed along to the recent Doctors Without Borders fundraiser, and he took the opportunity to as Adam a couple of questions we’re all dieing to know the answer to:

Why don’t they do H, 3rd Eye, Prison Sex or Hooker with a Penis live anymore?

AJ: Because Maynard picks the set list he feels comfortable with singing.

What music video they’re working on?

AJ: I am working on a new music video for Tool.  No more CGI it was a pain in the ass.

What was your favorite video out of all the Tool videos you created?

AJ: I like them all.

My favorite was Parabola

AJ: I love that one too it was a challenge to build the forest that Tricky was walking through.

What song is the new video going to be for?

AJ: I wish I could say but I am sworn to keep it on the hush until it’s done. But you will love it… I am doing some amazing special effect work on it.

Anything interesting he mention about the live shows?

AJ: A couple new visuals added for the mini tour…

Are the future projects Tool related or Adam solo projects?

AJ: We are in the finishing aspects of the writing process for the new album.

Will this be your last tour?

AJ: No way we love touring.

Thanks to Bellami for letting me know about the post on Toolarmy.