News has come to hand in regards to the much speculated Tool cover that was supposed to be played on the recent tour.  Some readers let me know that On The Run by Pink Floyd was the cover played as a segue between songs.  Something I suspect Blair picked up on an encouraged in a recent newsletter.

However in a couple of new posts by Blair on the Toolarmy boards, it’s been confirmed that in fact no cover have been played, nor is it likely to be:

The band had planned on performing a new cover (as JUSTIN mentioned in an interview), even playing it at SOME of the rehearsals (which I mentioned), but then decided against it. Some band members wanted to play it, but one (maybe 2) didn’t (for personal reasons). Unless you’re stupid enough to think I decide the set list, what’s your problem? I simply posted what I was told: That there was going to be a new cover. They even rehearsed it, but when it came time for the tour, at least one band member had a change of heart (which, under the circumstances, I completely understand). Maybe they will perform it some day. Maybe not. Who knows?

Reading between the lines a little bit, it may seem as though certain members of the band rehearsed the cover, and then another member of the band vetoed it for one reason or another.