There’s an interview with Maynard up on KSIW (a Seattle Radio station I gather) that you can listen to.  If you can get past annoying interviewers, it turns out to be a good listen.

For those without patience, here’s an overview:

  • Tom Morello wrote Cuntry Boner (was performed with Adam in Electric Sheep originally).  He also hinted it may be played on the next Puscifer tour.
  • Mentioned he’d love some of the Alice In Chains guys to join him onstage with Puscifer in Seattle.
  • Talks about winemaking, and it’s theraputic value (to him).
  • Tool should hopefully do something after the Spring Puscifer tour, once they’ve got their rehearsal space sorted.  He also mentioned doing some more A Perfect Circle.
  • Mentioned Bill Hicks, and talked about his time with him and influence.
  • Talks about how Puscifer and APC has saved Tool.  Puscifer isn’t about money, he mentioned that if money was what he’s after, then he’d just tour with Tool non-stop.
  • Talked about his part in Crank 2.  Turned out to be a much longer scene than anticipated.
  • The movie The Other Side Maynard is slated to appear in will probably never happen.

Thanks to The Outsider from Toolarmy for the tip.