Justin working on musical project

According to a recent blog post from progressive metal band Intronaut, apparently Dave contributed drums two two tracks on a musical project with Justin:

Dave contributed drums to a song or two in a project with Justin Chancellor from Tool and a Polish guy named Peter. I’m a little afraid to try and describe the music, but it rules and kind of sounds like African techno with Polish lyrics. That’s actually not at all what it sounds like. Forget I said anything. It rules though! We’ve also been talking with these two characters about collaborating on a new Intronaut song.

Sounds intriguing!  Anyone have any idea who this Polish guy could be?

And here we were thinking that Justin’s done nothing but sit on his arse during the break.  Check out Intronaut’s music on their Myspace page.

Thanks to Lance for the tip!

15 thoughts on “Justin working on musical project

  1. junior

    Justin has been working on stuff in a project called “One White Onion” for awhile. I think this might be something different from that, though. He’s had a few other low-key projects over the past few years, it’s just that nobody in the Tool fan community ever hears about them.

  2. badkittygothgirlbadkittygothgirl

    [quote comment=””] He’s had a few other low-key projects over the past few years, it’s just that nobody in the Tool fan community ever hears about them.[/quote]
    And I wish that were not the case.  He’s the only one we never hear about.  How can we support him if we don’t know about it.?
    Thanks for the update Hellboy!

  3. danielkauai21

    The reason most people dont hear about his side projects is probably because he wants it that way. He probably doesnt want a bunch of people just going to the show to see him and take attention off the the rest of his band, he also most likely doesnt want to hear TOOL shouted out between songs. If he wanted his side projects made more public all he would have to do is talk to blair and he would be given the same treatment volto, puscifer and adams bartending gigs get on toolarmy.

  4. Poopyface

    Yeah because out of all the Volto!, Pu$cifer, PLC, APC, etc. shows I’ve been to there are just boatloads of fan-boys out in the crowd yelling for the act to play Tool-related material.

    Yeah, just tons………………………….

  5. Pgrantham

    What if Justin just wants to make a name for himself and a low-key band without the ungodly network that Tool has at its disposal? There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Justin, Adam, and to a certain degree, Danny all have the amazing gift of being world-class rockstars that can walk around cities, play unknown gigs, and eat dinner without being hounded by fans or the media. This type of fame comes few and far between if you know what I mean…

  6. s2designs

    peter mohamad is one badass music superstar on the international scene especially in west and east europe  and russia and africa . he was the leader of a band called Sweet Noise that was the headlining act at polish woodstock in 2003 with drew over 3million people. peter wrote all the music for sweet noise including the electronica samples used he is quite a brilliant musician and it is no surprise to me that Justin and Peter teamed up on a project

  7. skum_fist

    @ s2designs this sounds pretty  wicked . do you know anything more….project name,  music online etc.? what a mix of personalities…can’t wait to hear this…

  8. Euphony

    M.t.void sounds cool. I like the vocals, and it has a really neat dark, surreal vibe.
    I definitely will keep an eye on their myspace.
    I believe Justin is extremely talented (as are all the Tool band members) and I’d like to hear more of whatever he sinks his teeth into.

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