Christophe from conducted an interview with Tool associated artist Cam De Leon recently, and is now available on his website.  Here’s the question I know you’re all dying to ask him:

If you don’t mind, can you tell us more about what happened for this great combination to cease ?
Well, I appreciate your interest and concern about that, and I’m sure it’s coming from a good place, but I don’t think there are enough who actually care, to warrant spending much time on it. But I’ll just say in more than 10 years of working together, I contributed as much as I could, and I love Adam like a brother. Working with him was always a meaningful challenge, and I appreciate the experience. But they’re clearly in good hands with the list of super talented artists you mentioned so I don’t assume they have any particular need of me, and I have way more projects of my own than I can possibly manage.

There you go.  A great interview and well worth reading!