The February newsletter is now up on Toolband/Toolarmy and it’s a somewhat revealing one:

  • Tool are in the process or writing new material., though Blair personally hasn’t heard any.
  • Joe Baressi has, which suggests to me he’s probably going to engineer the album again.
  • Adam has a new pedal he’s been playing around with, and this may or may not feature.
  • Danny has some new percussion instruments, and they definitely don’t have a water bong in the room.
  • The cover from the mini tour was from the band The God Machine, and it wasn’t played because a member of the band had recently passed away (a friend of Justins)
  • Apparently the male doctors voice on Lost Keys is the bands manager, not Justin as has been suggested to me in the past.  The man in question, Pete Riedling if I remember correctly is an Australian.
  • The Big Thing is the website updates.  It will happen sometime in the future.  My sources tell me around September.

It’s an interesting read, a mini-FAQ in some ways and I suggest you all take a look.

Thanks to Nathan for the tip!