I received an email from Alan Jones last night (Adam’s brother and Tool’s attorney) who confirmed that yesterdays request for Tool  advertising material is 100% legitimate.  He mentioned that it is for a legal problem regarding litigation with the insurance industry as a fallout of the case against Cam De Leon.

Edit: Alan wanted to let you all know that this is definitely no reflection on Cam.  Tool have buried the hatchet with him and that case is long over.

Basically what they are after are examples of pure advertising (Tool show posters, newspaper and magazine ads) that contain those specific pieces of Cam-Tool related artwork.  Note that Tool have copies of the art themselves – they are particularly interested in it being used in advertising.

If you do have any of the following, the please visit this site and submit them:

  • Tool Wrench
  • The eye from the cover of Aenima
  • The picture of the white box on the back of Aenima
  • The Opiate Priest that appears on the cover of the Opiate
  • The Stinkfist characters
  • The Prison Sex characters
  • Novus Opiate Seclorum
  • Medicine Man
  • Infiniteeth

Alternatively, if you really don’t want to submit your information on that site, send the scans to me and I’ll email them to Alan directly.