I received exactly 616 emails last night from various members of the Fourtheye community telling me that Ticketmaster have confirmed a couple of Tool concerts in Canada going on sale later this month.  These dates also appear on Live Nation as well as a short article in the Edmonton Journal.

Dates I am aware of so far:

  • July 7 Rexall Place, Edmonton, Canada
  • July 9 General Motors Place, Vancouver, Canada
  • ? July Key Arena, Seattle, WA

Nothing has been officially confirmed on Toolband yet, but if they’re appearing on Ticketmaster then you can bet they’re pretty legit!  Enjoy your tour North Americans.  I wish Tool would one day go “fuck it let’s randomly tour Australia”.

As for the rest of the dates, I have no further information, if they’re playing Seattle, then I’d expect a bunch of West Coast dates, or at the very least San Francisco, Los Angeles and probably San Diego shows.  Calgary is being strongly rumoured as well.  I would think that we’d get some sort of official confirmation in the very near future.

Update: The tour has been confirmed by Blair on Toolband.  More dates to come and should go on sale May 8.  No word on the scope of this tour, but the newsletter released today seems to suggest it may be a West Coast mini tour.

Update 2: Also make sure you check out the new Tool Summer Tour 2010 page I just created.  It will contain a summary of all the latest information regarding the tour.