The next Tool tour is almost upon us, and while some of us are still waiting to buy tickets, others deep in the south of the United States wait with baited breath for some kind of change to the setlist.  What will they play?  Will there be any cool lights?  Will Justin have a new guitar strap?  All these things and more we will find out shortly!

In celebration of this I have started a new Tour 2010 section in the forum.  I will create a thread for each show, and those of you that have anything to contribute (setlists, reviews, photo’s, whatever) feel free to do so.  Please refrain from creating new threads unless I’ve obviously missed a show, or it’s a topic tour related that really needs it’s own thread. 

This new forum will be more heavily moderated than the others in Fourtheye, mainly to make sure that they stay on topic.  Anyone willing to give me a hand in doing this, let me know (make sure you’re a Fourtheye regular though, I probably won’t consider making someone I don’t know a mod).

Also, I know some people are deliberately trying to avoid Tool forums so they don’t accidentally see setlists and such.  In order to make Fourtheye a safe location for these readers, from this point forward set lists can only be posted in the new Tour 2010 section. Any found in comments of normal Fourtheye posts will be deleted.