Blair has posted on Toolband that Rajas (featuring Mandala creator Vince DeFranco) will be supporting Tool for a range of dates from the 9th of July onwards:

I am very pleased to be able to announce a new WEBSITE and the debut self-titled album from RAJAS . Being the brainchild of guitarist BEN SHERAZI, the band also features PAUL JONES on bass, GINO BARBONI on percussion, and Mandala Drum and Dimension Beam inventor VINCE DeFRANCO on analog synths and the old ’69’ Fender Rhodes. As you are checking out the RAJAS website, be sure to click on the TOUR SECTION for info about their upcoming support for a certain prog-metal band (I guess it’s official after all!).

I took a quite listen and they sound alright.  The dates in question are:

  • 9th July in Vancouver
  • 10th July in Seattle
  • 15th in San Diego
  • 16th in Las Vegas
  • All the Los Angeles gigs

Not sure if it also includes those dates between the 10th and 15th.