Adam must have a few things to get off his chest at the moment as there is another interview with him, this time with Erin Broadly of LA Weekly.  Once again it’s largely about is artwork rather than Tool.

It also has this amusing anecdote:

Adam Jones: Oh, absolutely. I’ve got a funny story for you. Tool was in Denver at Red Rocks and it was the second show we played. Those shows went great; it was really fun. But I was trying to hook up with Buzz from the Melvins because they were playing a show at the Ogden Theater and I realized we’re not going to make the show, they’re going to be done. I was like, "Hey, I’ll try to get out as fast as possible to see you guys," and they said, "Ok, we’ll wait for you." So I was telling everyone, "I really wanna go see the Melvins," and they said I could do a runner after the show — they’d get me right off stage, into a van, and get me out of there. [Laughs] I jump in the van after our show with Maynard and there are two cop cars. They put on their lights so we had this police escort going 80 or 90 miles an hour down the freeway to go see Buzz from the Melvins.

[Laughs] My god.

Adam Jones: [Laughs] It was the most rock cliche moment of my life. It was really funny. Those guys were all laughing at me. I told Buzz and Buzz goes, "Yeah, I had one of those once but they took me to jail."

Thanks to ebackwardse for the tip.