Here’s a bunch of news updates and things I’ve picked up of the last month but haven’t quite been motivated enough to create a new post for.

In case you missed it, Justin Chancellor will be appearing on a couple of tracks on the new Intronaut album Valley of Smoke.  The album will be released on the 12th of October so Rodney tells me.  No word on what Justin plays on but on track can be streamed on their Myspace site.

The X-Files/30 Days of Night issue #2 should be, or is very close to released now, and a review if can be found here.

Aaron Harris from Isis got married last weekend.  Several Tool members were in attendance so I heard, and according to Blair one of the wedding presents was a Danny Carey Signature Drum!  Congratulations to Aaron and Alexandra!

Maynard has a short interview in the latest issue of Relix Magazine, where he is featured in the Parting Shots section.  I haven’t read it but apparently the interview is largely about wine and doesn’t feature any real music news.  Thanks to Rick for that.