Blair has released the July 2010 Newsletter on Toolband, and it’s a short one.  It briefly discusses the tour, their plans to continue writing and a four seeded peanut:

I reached into a bag of peanuts, grabbed a handful, and upon cracking open the FIRST ONE, was amazed to see that it contained four perfectly formed peanuts. Immediately it hit me that this was a most auspicious sign – a harbinger of good things to come, as well as a signal from above that the unity experienced by the band members during the tour would carry over once it was finished, Indeed, I was confident that they would get right back to writing new material.

He also mentioned that they will not tour again for at least six months, so there should be plenty of time to do what they gotta do.

And now for some speculation on my part – the mention of six months before the tour may be significant.  In about six months time the Australian summer music festival season will be in full swing, and perhaps we may see Tool featuring on that?  The Soundwave festival lineup gets announced this week, and while I think a festival tour from Tool is reasonably unlikely, stranger things have happened (such as the recent tour), and recent hints at needing a passport in previous newsletters could be a clue…