Tickets for the November 2010 A Perfect Circle West Coast tour went on sale over the last 24 hours, and as expected there have been a few successes, as well as some failures.  The venues for all shows are quite small, and as a result getting tickets was hard work, but it appears to me that the majority of those who put in some time planning their attack managed to get tickets.

Still, there will be plenty of you who didn’t get them, and while I can’t help with tickets myself, I can offer the services of the Fourtheye forum to assist in your hunt.  MAGNUS has taken the liberty of starting a ticket trading forum, and I suggest you all use it.

Let’s all try and take this like adults and keep the grumbling to a minimum.  The venues were small, in some cases under 1000 seats, so as a result getting tickets were always going to be tough. Take it like a man/woman.  We all know scalpers suck, so posts like “goddamn scalpers lets kill them all” are unnecessary and won’t change anything.