Blair published the September 2010 newsletter on Toolband this morning, which once again confirms that Tool are taking part in the Big Day Out tour.  It does mention that fans are hoping for some solo shows, but neither confirms nor denies that these will happen, so I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer on that.  Seems to me that they won’t be announced prior to Big Day Out tickets going on sale, so those of you in Sydney and Melbourne who want to see Tool this trip are probably going to have to grab tickets as soon as they go on sale, in case the Big Day Out sells out and there are no side shows announced.  Personally I’ll be grabbing tickets to the Adelaide BDO, and then heading over to a sideshow should they happen.

Once again mentioned the possibility of shows in Hawaii.  Sounds to me like this will almost definitely go ahead, though sources close to this fan site have no further information on this…

On the writing/recording front, the newsletter basically confirms what Justin mentioned in an interview yesterday: that the band are still writing and there’s no danger of them heading to the studio anytime soon.  I wouldn’t count on them recording anytime before March 2011.

Finally, he also confirmed that Aaron Harris from Isis will join Tool on the Big Day Out tour, presumably as some kind of sound technician.  Aaron seems to be really keen on getting into the recording business, and from what I’ve read has done some great work with Kiwi band Jakob, and I’m sure all of us here at Fourtheye wish him luck with all his post-Isis endeavours.