Got an email today from Rick, who is selling what he claims to be a Master recording of the Undertow album on DAT tape. From the Ebay sale page:

There is not much to explain I mean this is the real deal . It was obtained from a personal friend who knew people who worked at larrinkin Management.

This particular MASTER RECORDING is for the Cassette Version. NEVER in the history of ebay have anything has ever been available like this. This DAT cassette is even before any testpressing. Straight from the studio.

Buy it now price is US$1500. Considering the Aussie dollar is almost worth the same as the US dollar then someone from Down Under with more money than sense should have a go at it…

According to a recent post on Toolband, Adam has an Oil Painting on display at a gallery in New York. According to the post:

A new original OIL PAINTING by ADAM JONES will be among the artwork on display at the ALTERNATIVE PRESS 25th ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION hosted by the SLOAN FINE ART GALLERY in NEW YORK CITY. The special THREE-DAY SHOW will be held between THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21st and SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, from NOON – 6PM.
For collectors and others who are interested in buying fine art, ADAM’s painting is FOR SALE. Please CONTACT the GALLERY for purchasing information.

(On the Lower East Side of NYC)

Finally, Big Day Out‘s in Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland and Perth are now mostly on sale. Sydney and the Gold Coast have sold out, with a new Sydney show to go on sale on the 11th of October. Those still wanting Gold Coast tickets can enter a ballot to do so. Visit the Big Day Out page for details. I believe the Melbourne event is sold out as well, though I think you may still be able to get them from Ticketmaster. There will probably be a ballot for this show as well. I’d expect Auckland, Adelaide and Perth to sell out in the coming weeks…

Still no news on sideshows!