I’ve had about 20 or so emails today asking about the pre-sales, so in an attempt to try and minimize the amount of time I spend logged into Gmail, here’s a compilation of what little we know about the presales.  As more information comes to hand I’ll try and keep this post updated.


Pre-sale details, which include a link and password to the sales are now up on Toolarmy. Tickets go on-sale at midday tomorrow, and according to Ticketek it will be 12:00PM AEST, which suggests it’s local time rather than daylight savings time. Please log into Toolarmy to view them, and remember that under no circumstances are they to be published anywhere on Fourtheye.

What we know:

  • Ticketmaster have details of a fanclub pre-sale for the Melbourne show on their site, which claims that tickets will go on sale on the 4th of November at 12:00pm.  12:00pm is usually lunchtime, not midnight.
  • Ticketek have no details on the Brisbane gig on their site.
  • Both sites are listing ticket prices at between $108 and $140.
  • Blair said in a Toolarmy exclusive post:

I am still waiting for a link from the promoter for ToolArmy member pre-sales for the 2 ‘solo’ shows in Australia. As SOON as I get this, I will post the information.

They are all the facts we have.  Anything else out there is speculation.


How I think it’ll go down:

I imagine some time, probably on Thursday morning Australian time, Blair will post a password as a Toolarmy exclusive post.  This will probably include a link to the page on the appropriate ticketing agents site, though I doubt this link will be private.

Some speculate that Toolarmy members may get individually emailed passwords.  This may happen, but I’d be a little surprised if this were the case.

Should I join Toolarmy?

The answer is yes, probably.  Presuming the password gets posted as an exclusive post on Toolarmy, then the US$40 you’d spend to join is probably good value for money.  However, joining Toolarmy probably won’t guarantee you a ticket.  The presale will most likely be limited to a certain amount of tickets, so there is still probably an element of first in first served.  Nothing is guaranteed though, so don’t complain to me if you join Toolarmy and miss out.

Note: under no circumstances will the password or link to the pre-sale be published on Fourtheye.  Any comments which do so will be immediately removed.  Please don’t bug me for it, I won’t be giving it to anyone.