Ticket sales for the two side shows have now pretty much wrapped up, with Melbourne sold out, and Brisbane being close to it – at time of writing there were some silver tickets only left, all single seats.  Ticketek sales for the Brisbane show went pretty smoothly, and Ticketmaster for Melbourne not so.  My experience this morning with Ticketmaster was that at about 9:00:15 there were only GA tickets left, and by 9:03:00 they were all gone. 

No point going again into the debacle that was the Ticketmaster/Toolarmy Pre-sale, but I hope everyone has been able to get a ticket to the show they desire, even if it wasn’t in the seating position of their liking.  As usual, scalpers will be making a killing, with GA Melbourne tickets at around $250 online, and Gold tickets anywhere between $350-$900.  Take care if you are planning on heading down this route, and be aware that any tickets you try to buy and sell on Fourtheye must be at face value plus reasonable postage costs.  Leave the scalping for Ebay.  If you are looking at trading tickets, then please use the trading thread I’ve just created.

A Perfect Circle have kicked off their West Coast US Tour with the first three dates in Arizona.  Talking to people who attended the shows, it was a great, although short experience, as the band played their nominated album on the night, and not much else.  Don’t go expecting a two hour (or even 90 minute) set and you won’t be disappointed.  Here’s a review plus a couple of photos for those interested.